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Spencer the Rescue Cat

With the passing of Blackie I decided it was time to get a cat back into our home. It had been several years and ‘cat people’ understand the need to include a cat or two or more into their daily lives.

My search for the right cat began online. I knew I couldn’t visit the local animal shelter and expect to take home only one cat when so many were deserving. Instead, I viewed the cats and kittens available not only at the shelter but also through local rescue organizations.

The day after we returned from our vacation I visited the Humanitarians of Florida and spent about an hour getting to know the various cats available for adoption.

I didn’t want a kitten, I was looking for an older cat, one that would have a more difficult time being adopted. One particular cat, a 7-year old buff-colored male, that I’d seen on their website, appealed to me.

When I got to the ‘cat house’ there were many friendly cats pretty much begging to be taken home. Others were a bit wary of strangers, and yet others were aloof. The cat I particularly wanted to see was hiding in a pet carrier, afraid to come out.

The volunteers were happy to discuss the merits of each cat and kitten and even suggested that a particularly friendly female cat was on her last few days of life at the animal shelter and recommended that I go take a look. I explained that seeing animals in the shelter would be too difficult.

I kept returning to the kitten room in which the older male cat was hiding. On one visit I caught a glimpse as he raced back to the pet carrier after using the litter box. His eyes were sad, and haunting.

The 7-year old’s history was a little murky. He’d been adopted from the rescue group when he was a kitten, returned when he was about 6-years old perhaps because his owner preferred a newly acquired kitten better. He was adopted again for a few months and again returned to the rescue group. It was uncertain whether or not he’d been abused at some point.

Spencer was my kind of cat. A cat that needed special handling, lots of love, and plenty of patience. I desperately wanted another cat and despite the suggestions that one of the younger, friendlier cats might be a better choice, I put a deposit down and said I’d be back in the morning.

Spencer the Rescue Cat

Spencer is a joy. He is a gentle spirit, still wary but getting better every day. He likes men better so perhaps one of the women who adopted him previously was less than kind to him. He can’t be picked up or held… yet. He’s clearly an observer, not a fighter. We never know where he'll be hiding in plain sight as he will remain absolutely motionless as he's doing next to this cat statue.

Update: We've had the pleasure of Spencer's company for almost two years and he is very much a delight. We still don't try to pick him up and petting him is when he's in the mood, not us. He's intelligent, quiet, and wary of strangers. He's our kind of cat. And, it would seem, we're his kind of people.

Spencer the Rescue Cat

Spencer spends a lot of time sleeping in my office in his Armarkat Cat Bed. I admit that I went a little overboard buying things for him so he has several cat beds but this one seems to be a favorite.

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