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A Proper Hamster Home

Visit most any petstore online or off, check out, or browse eBay, and the variety of hamster cages can be overwhelming. Are they all suitable homes for a hamster? Are some better than others? As soon as I had that figured out I would get a hamster. I’d made mistakes raising a hamster when I was a kid but as an adult I didn’t have any excuses.

I read hamster blogs, forums, books and articles. Some people thought plastic cages were the perfect hamster environment, others said the plastic cages were hard to clean and would be destroyed by the hamster’s need to chew. Some said the wire cages were the best. Yet others felt aquariums provided the best home as long as they were kept away from direct sunlight and other heat sources.

After weighing all the options, I bought a 10-gallon glass aquarium, an 8-ounce glass water bottle, Aspen bedding, hamster food, and a screen top. I ordered a flying saucer exercise wheel online. I chose the flying saucer wheel because it did not have an places that a hamster’s foot or toes could get caught and broken.

Now all I needed was a hamster.

Teddy the Midlife Hamster

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